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Sky Italia new interface

February 23, 2012

Sky Italia says it has renewed its  MySky HD operating system and launched a new tool able to enhance the freedom to enjoy contents and make the viewing of Sky more customised. Through the new graphic interface, all in High Definition, Sky enhances its STB’s features and, thanks to constant investment in technology, it takes one more step forward into offering its subscribers increasingly innovative and exclusive services for a better and better viewing experience.

Over the last few days, Sky has started updating the new system software providing those users equipped with cutting-edge set top boxes with a new environment devised by Sky in order to ease access to the varied programming of the platform, thanks to the new TV Guide, and to make the most of MySky HD potential already able to support HD, 3D, Dolby Digital, Advanced Interactive Services and to pick up DTT programs.

The new operating system of MySky HD introduces several novelties: a new High Definition interface completely redesigned as to graphics and functions, with an integrated “mini-TV” not to interrupt the viewing of programs while surfing; a “search engine” stretching throughout the whole offer and Sky services, in order to record from the very first to the last episode of one’s favourite TV series; interactive services making the most of High Definition potential. Moreover the “Parental Control” service is meeting, even more, parents’ needs who, at any time, can decide on what their children are allowed to watch or not.

The new software, besides, activates the Ethernet door of the MySky HD STB, getting it ready to receive broadband content and therefore anticipating the future enjoyment modes that will allow the user to freely choose what to watch and when. An evolution that, de facto turns My Sky HD into an hybrid platform able to connect to the broadband, pick up the satellite signal and, thanks to the digital key, to access the free DTT offer. All that in just one menu and with the very same remote control.

The new interface, enhanced by the HD viewing – and 3D on Sky 3D channel – uses renewed and more advanced services extremely serviceable. A single environment, that can be surfed both horizontally via macro-areas (“TV Guide”, “MyTv”, “Sky On Demand”, “Search”, “Parental control”) and vertically to access specific menu subsets, collecting all the innovations meant to improve the enjoyment modes for an increasingly wide and integrated offer.

– The “mini-TV” has always featured the interface and lets users free to explore TV schedules without even missing a single moment of the program they are watching.

– The “TV Guide”, encompassing seven-day programming and whose surfing capacity has been improved, puts each program within everyone’s reach thanks to a linear and intuitive menu. The new “dynamic banner” presents, in a single line, 3 programmes in a row, the one currently on air and the next two, for which it is possible to retrieve all additional information with button “i” that moreover, can now be surfed: you just have to press the arrow buttons of the remote control to get any information about off-air programmes, also on different channels from the one you are tuned in to.

– The “Search” covers the whole spectrum of TV schedules (from TV Guide with all Sky offer, to the programs recorded in MyTV – previously known as My Channel – all the way to those available on Sky On Demand) and allows to make complex searches (for example by selecting the films per genre) or to get to know the time at which one’s favourite programs are to start by entering just the first letters of the title.

– The control “link-series” allows to program the recording of one’s favourite TV series from episode 1 to the end of the season, directly from “TV Guide” or from the “dynamic banner”.

– The “Parental control” sifts the programs per age bracket, channels and specific time and allows parents to easily control the programs that can be accessed by their children.

– High Definition interactive systems, from Sky TG24 mosaic and Sky Meteo 24 Active to Diretta Gol, from Sky Sport Active all the way to Prima Fila pay-per-view programming, Sky Radio and Sky Music, boast a more advanced and intuitive graphics for an increasingly thorough and engrossing viewing experience.

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