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C4 launches app with hidden audio triggers

February 24, 2012

Channel 4 has teamed up with Hat Trick Productions and Widebeam Digital to become the UK’s first terrestrial channel to launch a publicly available mobile app that uses hidden audio triggers to unlock exclusive additional content.

Enabled by Intrasonics Technology, viewers can enable the app to ‘listen in’ on episodes of Facejacker to unlock bonus content when the new series starts on Channel 4 in the Spring.

Digital watermarks that are inaudible to the human ear are hidden in episodes of Facejacker. When the mobile device ‘hears’ these watermarks, a piece of content is unlocked in the app. Each broadcast episode will feature two distinct codes, unlocking two new pieces of content.
The watermarks can also be found in other Facejacker content, such as trails, 4oD episodes and in the Facejacker DVD. Viewers must track down the audio to unlock all the bonus material which includes additional ringtones, unseen clips and behind-the-scenes video.

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