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Solaris Mobile apps tap into S-band hybrid services

February 27, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Dublin-based Solaris Mobile has signed up i-enquire, and along with Enterprise Ireland and the European Space Agency, to develop applications for the car and truck market in Europe to tap into S-band hybrid services. This initial deal covers traffic-based information.

“The project partnership will look at the development of applications for route planning and real-time traffic alerts – including weather information, alternative routing options and the ability to filter visible traffic alerts by type or by time of occurrence. These will feature alongside location based services including maps and lists of nearby services (hotels, restaurants, petrol stations and tourist information) with the ability to filter and personalise options as desired,” said the Solaris Mobile statement.

“The project will also service the infotainment arena with real-time replays to sport supporters ‘feeding from the field’ and live news broadcasting from the users region. Vehicle monitoring will also enable the user to calculate their carbon footprint by position and route planning, and allow real-time automotive location services via a device embedded into the vehicle which will enable the exchange of information.”

There is no news, as yet, on more traditional entertainment-based services, in particular radio and TV transmissions to vehicles, long the aim for Solaris and S-band.

Solaris Mobile is a joint venture between Eutelsat and SES.

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