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Cisco AS6000 tested with nangu.TV platform solution for adaptive streaming for optimal user experience

February 28, 2012

nangu.TV has announced that its ingestor is compatible with the multiprofile encoder Cisco AS6000. Tested scenarios covered multiple profiles being encoded and sent as MPEG2-TS multicast with Cisco AS6000. These streams were ingested with nangu.TV Ingestor, saved on nangu.TV Cluster Stream Storage and successfully delivered to a complete variety of clients. All encoded profiles were correctly synchronised enabling seamless playback experience.

End users benefit through overall better viewing options. Depending on the device being used and the quality of Internet connection, streaming of the content is adapted for optimal viewing. Adaptive streaming adapts to the device the content is being viewed on to ensure smooth and undisturbed experience in the best quality possible. The newly tested compatibility ensures fast and reliable delivery for greater customer satisfaction.

Quick facts
End output applicable to:
– Apple HTTP Live Streaming
– Microsoft Smooth Streaming
– Adobe Dynamic HTTP streaming

Device compatibility:
– iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mac OS
– MS Silverlight based players
– Adobe Flash based players
– Integrated DRM players – Verimatrix, SecureMedia

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