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Civolution’s Teletrax service renewed by Millenia 3 for television networks’ advertising verification

February 29, 2012

Civolution, a provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetising media content, has announced that Millenia 3, a company dedicated to the promotional needs of network and syndicated television, has renewed a two-year partnership for Civolution’s global broadcast intelligence solution Teletrax.

Millenia 3 Communications will employ Teletrax’s new software-based encoding system, a further innovation to Civolution’s first-in-class broadcast monitoring and intelligence solution that will streamline content delivery for distributors.

Millenia 3 customises and electronically distributes television, radio and online advertising for its clients, which consist of major television and cable networks such as Discovery Network including OWN, all of the Disney-ABC Television Group entities and Turner Networks including Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, TNT and Turner Sports. Millenia 3 utilises the Teletrax broadcast verification service to monitor and track the television advertisements for each of its clients, providing accurate market and measurement data that enables the company to verify that the proper commercials airs at the correct times, and allowing them to compare that broadcast data to call center data in as little as 15 minutes.
“Over the past 5 years, Teletrax has proved critical in ensuring our clients’ spots air according to schedule and deliver the message they were designed to distribute,” said Robert Owen, president of Millenia 3 Communications. “Extending our relationship with Civolution was a clear choice, as Teletrax’s new file-based encoding allows our distribution process to run even more efficiently, and provides additional flexibility in our workflow.”

In renewing a two-year partnership with Civolution, Millenia 3 plans to take full advantage of Teletrax’s new file-based encoding system which removes the need for physical hardware encoders and thereby streamlines the distribution process by allowing distributors to retain digital files in their native format. This evolution of the Teletrax service complements its equally streamlined reporting system, which allows media buyers such as Millenia 3 to match call center data with Civolution’s broadcast monitoring data to determine the true effectiveness of a direct-response advertisement minutes after it airs. Media buyers can therefore purchase more ad time in slots where campaigns are working, and eliminate those that are not.

“It’s been wonderful to see Millenia 3 employ our Teletrax service so effectively for its roster of first-rate clients, and we couldn’t be more pleased to extend our relationship,” said Andy Nobbs, CCO at Civolution. “Our Teletrax solution continues to accelerate performance and return-on-investment in the direct response television space, and we are excited to see Millenia 3 leverage the service’s new software-based encoding system and set a new industry-wide precedent for efficiency in distribution.”

Civolution’s Teletrax – Media Monitoring is the world’s only global television, internet and radio content tracking solution. It enables clients such as entertainment studios, news organisations, sports rights holders, TV syndicators, music labels, artists, direct response, advertisers and corporations to determine precisely when, where and how long their multimedia content is being used around the world on television, internet and radio.

Teletrax currently maintains a proprietary network of detectors that monitors the television broadcasts of over 1,700 channels from more than 50 nations, including all 210 markets in the United States, representing all measured U.S. television households. Its international network covers television stations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South and Central America, and Canada.

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