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Colors loses brightness to Zee TV

March 1, 2012

There has been something of a ‘battle royal’ in India as the nation’s broadcasting giants slug it out for viewer loyalty.

The latest numbers show that Zee TV is back in ascendancy. Its performance isn’t quite good enough to place it at the top of the ratings (a position still held by Star Plus), nor even reach the Number 2 spot (Sony Entertainment’s), but it has managed to knock Colors from its Number 3 position.

Colors is Viacom-18’s top rated channel, and has been the main challenger for the Number One or Two position for many years since launching in August 2008. Zee TV, meanwhile, has dislodged Colors after 7 months having added 43 Gross Ratings Points in the week ending Feb 25, and pushed Colors to No. 4 in the rankings.

All this means little outside India, but the real winners are the nation’s Hindi viewers who have benefited from top-quality (at least in local terms) programming efforts as these entertainment giants try ever-more tempting delights for eyeballs.

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