Time Warner Cable enhances interactive ads

Time Warner Cable Media, the advertising sales division of Time Warner Cable, has launched Enhanced iTV, a new offering in the iTV suite that allows cable viewers to interact with targeted advertisements in more ways on their television. Enhanced iTV is available in existing iTV markets nationwide, which include New York City, Charlotte and Cincinnati.

Advertisers in iTV markets can continue to solicit consumer engagement, drive programming choices and deliver branded video experiences. With Enhanced iTV, they now have the added ability to deliver a targeted message based upon the time of day. Advertisers can also maximise the impact of their message by reaching demographically targeted audiences on a variety of networks. Time Warner Cable Media will continue to enrich its iTV analytics with the Enhanced iTV offering by delivering detailed reporting based upon each advertiser’s media schedule.

Time Warner Cable Media reports that Brownlee Jewelers, a premier Charlotte-based jeweller, recently launched an iTV campaign offering to buy consumer gold through overlays on its TV advertisements. The strategy drove a 150 per cent increase in in-store gold transactions and significantly bolstered revenue.

“iTV has proven to be an effective way to engage our customers and increase foot traffic in a tough economy,” said Harold Russo, President at Brownlee Jewelers, who added that Time Warner Cable Media had crafted a multi-platform solution that had resulted in increased profits for the business.

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