Advanced Television

Multiscreen news from ITV

March 19, 2012

ITV News has relaunched as a 24-hour, multi-platform streaming service in a bid to reach new digital audiences. It has overhauled its news website to focus on rolling live video streams, also optimised for smartphone and tablet devices.

The site unites content from across ITV’s news programmes including Daybreak, ITN, and its nine regional news rooms. Visitors can watch rolling breaking news video feeds, updated in real time, and which they can share on Twitter and Facebook.

“We wanted to be as flexible as possible with the design, both in terms of the devices it works on and in how we structure the information. The result is we can now create news feeds that can roll out to new types of services in future, and the product has also been designed to create new news experiences on connected TVs in the future,” MD Robin Pembrooke told NMA.

All ITV news rooms, including the regional ones, have been provided with a set of tools with which they can deliver live blogs, and broadcast-quality video news throughout the day online.

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