MBC to target different Arab audiences

Dubai-based MBC is to start localising its transmissions to specific Arab audiences. Until now MBC has beamed the same wide-beam signals to the whole viewing audience. MBC currently beams 10 channels to viewers.

But later this year, or early next, many of MBC’s core channels will migrate into region-specific beams, looking at Iraq, Egypt, and North Africa, and to more adequately reflect the tastes and interests of these audiences.  It is understood that MBC is planning to use targeted satellite ‘spot beams’ to achieve these opt-outs.

However, the GM of MBC-owned Al-Arabiya news channel, Abdulrahman Al Rashed, speaking to Arabian Business, said the company is likely to add more regional frequencies in the future to go alongside the planned three. However, the core portfolio of today’s existing 10 channel line-up would remain. “We already have ten channels, I don’t think you can go beyond that,” he said.

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