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Online video news delivery platform from AP

April 11, 2012

Global news network the Associated Press has unveiled the beta version of AP Video Hub, a state-of-the-art global platform for the online delivery of broadcast-quality video news.

The beta launch reflects the increase in demand for video news from a growing segment of customers — online publishers. The new platform delivers video news from AP’s journalists in the field to digital customers’ desktops, faster and easier than ever before.

AP Video Hub will give access to AP’s broadcast-quality world news, entertainment, SNTV (sport) and lifestyle video. In an industry-first platform, curators will select and promote breaking news content together with relevant footage from AP’s historic archive, allowing the development of richer online storytelling for customers who until now have lacked easy access to this kind of content.

Breaking news from the field gets to Video Hub fast, via mobile satellite uplinks and a network of video news bureaus around the world, using the latest generation of video editing, compression and transmission tools.

“We believe AP Video Hub gives customers the ability to access broadcast-quality video news even if they don’t have the technical infrastructure to handle satellite news feeds,” said Sue Brooks, AP director of video transformation. “AP Video Hub will enable them to do this as quickly and easily as large broadcasters do already. We expect AP Video Hub customers to be online video producers for a newspaper, journalists at a regional news agency and news-centric websites. Their needs and work flow are at the heart of the way AP Video Hub has been conceived. Features such as the curated topic pages and ‘follow’ functionality make this an unbeatable and unique proposition.”

Senior Vice President Daisy Veerasingham, who heads AP’s video business internationally, said that video news was no longer the sole preserve of terrestrial and satellite broadcasters and that the new platform addressed this with an offering for the rapidly growing segment of the media market – online video news. “Overall, AP estimates that over the next few years, the value of the online video news market across Europe and Asia will continue to grow by up to 13 per cent and 16 per cent, respectively, per year,” she revealed.

According to Veerasingham, the launch forms a key part of AP’s video business transformation programme – a multimillion-dollar upgrade to transform its entire video business to ensure it maintained a leadership position in video news. “The investment is providing AP customers with a wider range of options in how they receive video content, both in the traditional broadcast market and on digital platforms. Not only will all AP’s news be fully HD by the end of May, but we will also be able to deliver it on more platforms than ever before,” she explained.

The beta version is already being used by charter customers, including some of the world’s leading news sites. Further functionality will be added over the coming months, with the full production release scheduled for summer 2012.


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