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Over 25% of video viewing on non-TV platforms

April 12, 2012

Recent findings from Parks Associates research suggests that over 25 per cent of all video viewing in US broadband households now occurs on platforms other than the television, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The research firm’s analysts will discuss the new research during the special session – The Future of OTT Video: Monetization Strategies – at the Connections digital living conference and showcase at TIA 2012 in June.

“One-third of broadband households streamed a TV show in the past 30 days, and these consumer viewing habits are raising expectations for new service offerings,” said Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates. “Proliferation of connected CE is both an opportunity for and a potential threat to traditional pay-TV services. New companies are entering this space, offering alternative services and business models that are attractive to consumers. To keep their edge, service providers have to address consumption on these platforms with a clear value proposition,” he advised.

“Each week, roughly 25 per cent of US broadband households watch video on a mobile phone, and the average broadband user watches 36 minutes of video on a tablet,” said Sappington, noting that during the conference, Parks Associates would discuss topics such as how emerging OTT services must offer quick access to interesting content, attractive business models, and access on multiple screens and not require purchase of a new, stand-alone device.

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