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DISH taps Witbe to monitor quality of pay-TV provider’s “TV Everywhere” service

April 16, 2012

Witbe, a leading developer of Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring solutions for service providers and enterprises, today announced that DISH  Network has deployed its Quality of Experience (QoE) technology for real-time live monitoring of its TV Everywhere™ service, including the DISH Remote Access app for iOS and Android devices and DISH Online for computers.

Using Witbe’s QoE Robots, DISH can now evaluate service availability, measure application performance, check content integrity and measure perceived quality of video streams delivered to computers, smartphones and tablets.  Witbe’s QoE platform provides comprehensive dashboards with trending key performance indicators (KPIs) and smart real-time alerting designed to identify issues before subscribers do.

“It is critical that our TV Everywhere services offer the best user experience, no matter which device our customers use,” explains Vivek Khemka, vice president of product management at DISH. “The Witbe QoE  solution gives us access to highly granular dashboards that help us make appropriate decisions when driving our services and supporting our customers.”

The Witbe QoE Robots run continuous tests by replicating user actions on tablets, smartphones and PCs through Wifi or 3G/4G cellular network. Just like a regular user, the robots log into servers, browse program guides,  watch Live TV, configure DVR, watch recorded content, order on-demand video and more.

“Networks and service platforms have become so complex, that ensuring quality for video delivery services requires state-of-the-art technology,” explains Jean-Michel Planche, president of Witbe. “We are very proud that DISH selected our approach for quality of experience monitoring. We believe this is just the start of an industry underlying trend: putting user-experience first to optimise investment and maximize customer satisfaction.”

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