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Quickflix hits 100,000 subs

April 19, 2012

HBO's Luck

Quickflix achieved new growth milestones during the last quarter and made significant strides as first-mover in Australia & New Zealand’s emerging IPTV movie and TV streaming sectors.

Paying subscribers grew by 14 per cent finishing the quarter at 107,520. Revenue was up 15 per cent and in March exceeded a run rate of A$20 million per annum.

Quickflix streaming has quickly caught on with almost 20 per cent of subscribers opting for it. The service which is available on Sony Bravia, PS3, PC and Apple Mac also went live in New Zealand during March extending
Quickflix’s addressable market. New device deals announced with Samsung and Panasonic which will also increase distribution are due to go live in coming weeks.

Quickflix’s launch of HBO last week is a major milestone for its new subscription streaming service, introducing Australians for the first time to HBO’s award winning hit TV and mini drama series instantly on demand. Quickflix further expanded its library of streaming content in the quarter with new deals announced with MGM, BBC and ITV. Quickflix also launched streaming pay-per-view for latest release movies complementing its unlimited viewing subscription streaming service.

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