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Affinegy acquires of Sagemcom’s TR-069 ACS solutions business

April 25, 2012

Affinegy, a proven global supplier of service enablement and network management software solutions for the home, has acquired Sagemcom’s TR-069 ACS Solutions business. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

With the transaction, Affinegy has:
– Grown its team by 40 per cent and added two new locations – an engineering and business operations group in Dallas, Texas, and a customer support, quality assurance and interoperability testing group in Poland
– Acquired new products including Subscriber Manager and FrontLine which provide a highly scalable, redundant, carrier-grade TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS)
– Obtained five associated patents
– Gained customers in Europe, Africa, Japan, Asia, and Central/South America

The acquired solutions are immediately available within the Affinegy Portal Platform:
– Operations Portal (formerly Subscriber Manager TR-069 ACS)
– Care Portal (integrating interactive TR-069 management from FrontLine into Affinegy’s proven Care Portal)
– Home Portal
– Connect

The Affinegy Portal Platform provides a modular and flexible solution that serves all phases of the Connected Home lifecycle from auto-provisioning, management and self-care to maintenance for IP video, voice, data and other services. It supports a variety of devices including set-top boxes, eMTAs, advanced wireless gateways, routers, NAS units and femtocell and LTE devices.

Subscriber Manager was first released in 2004, shortly after the ratification of the initial TR-069 standard. The Sagemcom expert engineering team, which has continued to enhance and expand the offering as TR-069 and other related standards have evolved, has joined Affinegy. Fixed-line and wireless service providers, including one of the world’s largest TR-069 data and VoIP service implementations, have deployed the software to more than 25M households.

At the Forefront of TR-069 Management Technology

Operations Portal ACS supports the latest standards emanating from the Broadband Forum. As an example, full support is available today for IPv6, TR-181i2, TR-135 and TR-143, which are critical to managing the advanced services gateways and IP video CPE that are fundamental to subscriber acquisition, retention and growth in today’s ever evolving and rapidly growing IP services market.

The Universal Global Solution

The acquisition is significant for all broadband service providers – xDSL, cable and wireless. Affinegy’s software portfolio is now a universal solution that manages all connected devices – TR-069-enabled, customer-owned or service provider-issued. This means all subscribers, both new and existing, can be served with the solutions.

Other companies such as equipment manufacturers and premium care providers who provide devices and services catering to the Connected Home market can also use the solution to reduce operating expenses and grow top line revenue. Installations are automatic; self-care and remote management easy and scalable; and the customer experience satisfies their wants and needs, resulting in increased spend and extended customer loyalty.

“We are thrilled to add the Sagemcom TR-069 ACS Solutions team, technology and customers to Affinegy,” said Melissa Simpler, CEO and Co-Founder of Affinegy. “Their team was among those that pioneered the development and commercialisation of TR-069. Their solutions have been adopted worldwide, with a concentration outside of North America, which provides a strong infrastructure for Affinegy’s expanding global presence and new market segment solutions.”

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