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IP-based in-home satellite TV distribution from SES

April 27, 2012

Satellite operator SES has teamed up with a range of industry partners to develop SAT-IP, an IP-based satellite reception technology that demodulates and converts satellite signals to IP for further in-home distribution to any IP-enabled device.

Unveiled at the annual SES Industry Days, the SAT-IP communications protocol is established as a new standard for satellite in-home distribution. A live demo of SAT-IP multiswitches showing the distribution of satellite programmes over various IP-based infrastructures (CAT5 Ethernet, Power Line, Plastic Optical Fibre and WiFi) was presented to more than 200 industry experts from consumer electronics manufacturers, to broadcast platform operators at the two-day conference.

In a SAT-IP environment, IP-enabled devices such as tablets, PCs, laptops, smartphones, Connected TVs, game consoles and media players will be able to receive satellite programming. This means that consumers will be able to enjoy the benefits of watching TV programmes on different devices and screens. With SAT-IP, large varieties of satellite offers including the most important line-up of HD channels will be accessible for consumers on IP-enabled devices in highest and original satellite picture quality and without using Internet connectivity. SAT-IP will become an official standard which is open to all manufacturers and allows them to develop a neutral environment of multiple devices. Current prototypes already allow for the reception of up to eight programmes on eight different screen devices at home.

Thomas Wrede, Vice President Reception Systems, described SAT-IP as” a quantum leap” for the industry and the TV viewers, showing SES’s role in pioneering technological developments in the media and TV industry. “We see how consumers are increasingly complementing their TV viewing experience with alternative devices. With SAT-IP, we put ourselves at the top of the trend and ensure that viewers can watch satellite TV potentially on any IP-based device at home and with an unrivalled flexibility when they move around. Our new way of connecting devices will allow millions of consumers to enjoy satellite TV on multiple screens with the highest convenience and quality. With SAT-IP, we also give an important impulse to the industry, creating an open standard that allows manufacturers to realise innovative distribution solutions,” he said.

The first SAT-IP based products are scheduled to be available later this year.


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