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US cable launches connected awareness campaign

May 8, 2012

By Colin Mann

With cable and satellite TV platforms facing the threat of ‘cord-cutting’ from viewers cancelling their pay-TV subscriptions in favour of connected TV and over-the-top TV alternatives, US cable TV industry trade body the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) has launched a multimedia campaign positioning cable as being ‘More than TV.  It’s How We Connect’.

“Cable has come a long way,” says the NCTA. “While still offering consumers the finest video service in the nation, it has become more than TV. It’s how we connect; opening the window on a world of possibilities that are integral, valuable and a fun part of our daily lives.”

The campaign’s theme – Cable.  It’s More than TV.  It’s How We Connect.  – is designed to be a simple reminder of cable’s indelible presence in the daily lives of millions of Americans, whether it’s watching video on TV or another device, enjoying the convenience and speed of broadband or connecting to family and friends through digital voice service.

“Cable services provide millions of consumers with instant access to unlimited possibilities.  When you watch TV while checking your Twitter feed and talking to a friend on the phone, cable is enabling all of that to happen,” NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell said. “But in today’s overstimulated media environment sometimes we need to take a step back and remember how this amazing environment is thriving.”

The campaign is largely focused on the Washington, DC market, but will also run nationally on some platforms. Elements of the campaign include:

  • Cable and broadcast TV advertising
  • Print and web banner advertising in variety of prominent publications
  • Use of ‘outdoor advertising’ in DC Metro’s Union Station
  • Use of interactive display board at Reagan National Airport
  • Development of a web splash page or ‘microsite’
  • Interactive app that allows for user engagement to explore cable’s offerings

The interactive elements of the campaign will help demonstrate the many ways in which cable connects consumers to the many information, entertainment and communications sources they utilise and enjoy. Some of the creative elements can be viewed at

The campaign is currently scheduled to run until late summer.

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