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Telefonica to carry 3D and HD Olympics

May 15, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Telefonica’s Latin American operation is to carry all 36 Olympic Games channels live to its viewers of its Terra on-line broadband service. Terra says its Olympic Games portal will rely on 36 channels simultaneously, for the broadcasting of a total of some 4,760 HD and 3D hours.

Terra says it expects to reach 100 million single users over the course of the 20 days of the event – twice the audience recorded in the Pan-American Games last year. Terra holds web and mobile device broadcasting rights for 17 countries in Latin America. It has been calculated that 66 million people will enjoy the Games through connected mobile devices – 50 million people through cell phones, 14 million people through smart-phones and 2 million people through tablets.

Terra has wrapped several agreements with Connected TV set manufacturers, and these agreements allow for 3D content to be carried.  Terra will take a team of 220 professionals to London, many of whom will work in the Olympic headquarters.

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