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RGB and BlackArrow targeted advertising for TV Everywhere

May 21, 2012

RGB Networks, the provider of scalable multiscreen IP video delivery solutions announced a new partnership for targeted ad delivery with BlackArrow, a worldwide provider of advanced advertising solutions for New Television platforms. Together, the companies have created a standards-based TV Everywhere advertising solution that enables video service providers (VSP) to deliver specific ads to individual viewers watching live or on-demand programming on connected TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

The joint solution is comprised of the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System and RGB’s Ad Insertion for Multi-bitrate (AIM) solution and leverages SCTE 35 and SCTE 130 standards, to deliver the industry’s first end-to-end system for addressable ad insertion in an HTTP streaming video delivery environment. It combines the exceptional ad processing capabilities of the AIM platform and the advanced targeting intelligence of the BlackArrow system to create a fully integrated solution for the scalable delivery of targeted ads that are fully addressable to specific devices and viewers.

“Targeted advertising is a proven revenue generator in the set-top world today, and with the solution pioneered by RGB and BlackArrow, service providers can now extend this successful model to the world of TV Everywhere, delivering hyper-targeted ads to smartphones, PCs, tablets, connected TVs and virtually any other device that receives premium video programming,” said Ramin Farassat, Vice President of Product Marketing and Business Development for RGB Networks. “Our customers are ready to take this next step and together with BlackArrow we enable service providers to immediately take advantage of this new revenue generating opportunity and maximise it across all screens.”

“The ability of service providers and programmers to monetise TV Everywhere will drive greater availability of video across multiple platforms,” said Chris Hock, senior vice president, product management for BlackArrow. “The BlackArrow-RGB joint solution provides superior ad management, ad delivery and IP video capabilities that can help the industry to grow multiplatform revenues.”

AIM is a subset of RGB’s Enhanced Video Intelligence Architecture (eVIA) allowing for the insertion of ads, as well as program substitution and blackout applications, in a multiscreen IP video environment. RGB Networks is the only vendor to provide all of the ad processing components that make up a complete adaptive bitrate (ABR) ad insertion solution. The company’s AIM video targeted advertising solution includes:

The BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System is used by service providers such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Rogers Communications to manage the technological complexities and business issues associated with advanced advertising across multi-platform pay-TV environments. The BlackArrow Campaign Suite enables ad sales organisations to define, manage and monetise multiplatform, multioperator advertising campaigns to reach viewers that increasingly consume time-shifted programming on their televisions, computers, tablets and smartphone devices. For service providers, the BlackArrow Decision Suite offers open, standards-based ad routing, ad decisioning, and proven system interoperability to streamline deployment in complex operator distribution environments. For content providers, the BlackArrow Business Suite offers advanced tools for managing avails, or placement opportunities, as well as ad policies, ad sales rights, and asset metadata.

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