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Xstream delivers the world’s first TV app available on all Samsung Smart-TVs and Blu-Ray

May 21, 2012

As the first newspaper worldwide, Jyllands-Posten, has turned their entire newspaper, with articles and videos, into an innovative, custom built news app available on all Samsung Smart TVs. It is the Danish company, Xstream, who has developed, designed and created the world’s first Smart-TV app available on all Samsung Smart TV models and Blu-Ray players. Viewers can enjoy a seamless viewing of articles and videos on their Samsung Smart TV.

Jyllands-Posten, one of the largest newspapers in Denmark, and Xstream, the premium provider of end-to-end video management software and related services, today announced the launch of Jyllands-Posten’s app on Samsung Smart TVs. It is amongst the first app of its kind on Samsung Smart TV, and the first app worldwide, available on all Samsung devices. The app features both the editorial part with news articles, stock market info, business and sports as well as the entire newspapers video section, giving viewers access to all videos available directly on their Samsung Smart TV.

Introducing the custom built application for Jyllands-Posten on Samsung Smart TV’s is a cornerstone in application development as it is the first news application worldwide created for Samsung which is available on all Samsung Smart TV models and Blu-ray players.

“Presence on Smart TVs, which is reshaping the conventional way we watch TV, is part of Jylland-Postens strategy of offering our readers access to our content on all platforms. We are proud to offer one of the first news app worldwide combining articles, pictures and video” Says Jørgen Schultz-Nielsen, news editor at Jyllans-Posten.

Xstream’s online video platform, MediaMaker, is the engine behind Jyllands-Posten’s online platforms, ensuring a seamless and automated deployment, integrations and workflow, enabling Jyllands-Posten to distribute their editorial and video content out on all platforms, such as Smart-TV’s. Using feeds from Jyllands-Postens content management system, Escenic, Xstreams technology seamlessly gather all news articles and metadata and feed them out to the Samsung Smart TV app. The TV application is developed and designed by Xstream where MediaMaker OVP manage, encode, protect and stream the online video content.

“We are excited to play a role in the evolution of the media market, where newspapers are moving onto new devices, making their content available for their readers on their preferred platform. It’s an honor to be part of this innovative adventure with Jyllands-Posten and Samsung. We’re humble being the first company in the world who have managed to develop a Samsung Smart-TV app that fits for all Samsung Smart TV models and Blu-Ray players.” Says Frank Thorup, CEO at Xstream.

Bringing in new revenue streams
The Smart TV devices are becoming increasingly popular for advertisers. According to a new study by In-Stat, the market for TV apps could generate revenues for more than US$1.7 billion by 2013. Using the flexibility of Xstream’s technology, Xstream has integrated the ad network, Adtech, into Jyllands-Postens Smart TV app, enabling Jyllands-Posten to offer and create new revenue streams of digital advertising.

Smart TV app development from A-Z
Xstream is proud to be amongst the few companies worldwide who offer an A-Z development of Smart TV apps. From usability and design to third party integrations, such as ad networks, content management systems, to streaming and metadata output, Xstream provides you with the complete package for creating a Smart TV application.

Moving around on a Smart TV app is a different user experience than other apps such as iOS or Android apps. It requires insight, understanding and thoughtful usability design in order to give viewers the best possible experience using the app. Xstream’s in-house design team has created the design and usability set up for Jyllands-Postens Smart TV app.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Xstream on this innovative project. Xstream’s rapid response, professional developers and technical insight, shortened time to Q&A and the launch of the TV application. Xstream has a team of highly skilled developers working on Smart TV apps, a key factor for being able to successfully deliver a quality app with short time to market.” Says Kamal Schtaie, Technical Coordinator Content, Samsung Electronics Nordic AB

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