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FilmOn.TV live app for Facebook

May 25, 2012

The streaming HD TV provider, FilmOn.TV, has launched the new FilmOn.TV app allowing users to watch live TV in HD, invite their friends to join them and discuss or comment on programmes in real-time on Facebook.

FilmOn.TV also offers a host of new original channels which are exclusive to FilmOn including football, music, movies, history, special interest and kids as well as a video on demand service.

“FilmOn.TV is excited to provide users with the ability to watch their favourite TV channels without leaving Facebook,” said Alki David, billionaire/CEO of FilmOn.TV. “The FilmOn.TV API, FilmOn Live TV, shares with billions of Facebook members what thousands of current FilmOn.TV subscribers already know—that streaming live TV and movies are available online and through their mobile device.”

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