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Cisco hits TiVo with patent writs

June 4, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Electronics giant Cisco has fired off a major salvo against DVR specialist TiVo. Normally it is TiVo doing the suing, arguing that its patents have been copied or unfairly used. However, this action from Cisco, which, amongst other significant assets, owns the former Scientific Atlanta operation and is in the process of acquiring TV payment and encryption specialist NDS.

Cisco wants the Court to negate four TiVo-claimed patents and/or declare that Cisco and its Scientific Atlanta division is not infringing the TiVo IP. The action has started in a Californian US District Court in San Jose.

Absent a declaration of invalidity and/or non-infringement, TiVo will continue to wrongfully allege that Cisco DVRs and Cisco’s customers infringe the TiVo patents, and thereby cause Cisco irreparable injury and damage,” Cisco said in a statement to Reuters.

While the case is already being described as a David vs. Goliath action, and with Cisco being the Goliath, it is worth remembering that tiny TiVo has seen off plenty of other would-be Goliaths over the past few years.


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