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CinemaNow launches digital/physical combo packages

June 5, 2012

By Colin Mann

Canadian digital entertainment service CinemaNow is to start inserting full-version movie downloads within Blu-ray and DVD digital combo packs sold at Canada’s largest consumer electronics retailers, Best Buy Canada and Future Shop.

Universal Studios is the first partner to integrate the CinemaNow digital copy into the DVD/Blu-ray/digital combo packages, beginning with American Reunion. Several titles are expected to launch with this trio of content throughout the year.

“The DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Copy combo package is the perfect solution for movie lovers and busy families because it offers the flexibility to watch your favourite movies on the platform that works best for each family member,” said Christopher Bennett, Director of Communications Best Buy Canada. “The digital copy can be used to access your movie anywhere from the cloud, the DVD on a portable player during a family road trip, and the Blu-ray for the big TV in the family room for everyone to enjoy,” he explained.

In addition to offering new digital releases for download with traditional disk formats, CinemaNow will continue providing Canadians with opportunities to purchase or rent select new releases up to two weeks in advance of official Blu-ray and DVD launch dates.

CinemaNow is presently available on more than 160 devices. The service allows users to stream movies and TV shows, as well as download and store files to computers, allowing for content to be watched offline. Content can be played up to five devices per household.



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