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3 in 4 mobile notice mobile ads

June 7, 2012

Three in four Mobile Users (74 per cent) fully pay attention to mobile ads while surfing the web, according to a survey conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights. Further, the majority (59.5 per cent) of smartphone and tablet users say they regularly or occasionally pay full attention to ads they see while visiting social media sites on their devices. Fewer fully pay attention while downloading apps or music, shopping and playing games:

When it comes to more frequent ad retention, men appear more likely than women to regularly pay attention to mobile ads, especially when surfing the web (38.2 per cent of men vs. 32.8 per cent of women), watching video clips (17.8 per cent vs. 12.6 per cent) and surprisingly, shopping (21.7 per cent vs. 16.1 per cent). Further, 51.0 per cent of men say advertisements viewed on a smartphone or tablet regularly or occasionally influence the products and brands they purchase. Fewer women (43.7 per cent) said the same.

Although more likely to pay attention to ads, slightly more men (29.3 per cent) admitted to paying for an ad-free version of an app compared to women (26.4 per cent). Further, nearly half of Mobile Users (46.2 per cent) are not at all or not very willing to pay to remove advertisements from their favorite social media sites. Women (51.0 per cent) were more likely than men (40.1 per cent) to be not at all or not very willing to pay for an ad-free Facebook or other social site sans ads.

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