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Lionsgate joins Industry Trust for IP Awareness

June 8, 2012

By Colin Mann

Lionsgate, one of the UK’s leading independent film distributors, has joined consumer education body Industry Trust for IP Awareness to help educate consumers on the value of copyright to the UK’s film, TV and video industry. Lionsgate becomes one of over 40 members of the Industry Trust, comprised of the major players from the retail, exhibition, video entertainment, studios and digital services in the UK sector.

The first collaboration will launch on 8th June, which sees a specially devised theatrical trailer for upcoming British comedy, Keith Lemon: The Film, distributed by Lionsgate. The humorous content amplifies the Industry Trust’s Moments Worth Paying For campaign and helps drive messaging to the core audience of young males in a humorous and engaging way. The trailer also directs audiences to use to search for official ways to watch film and TV.

Nicola Pearcey, Managing Director of Home Entertainment, said it was crucially important in this digital age that audiences recognise that the creation of films, TV and video they love is dependent upon their support and use of official channels, including tools which signpost the way such as “We are pleased to be working collaboratively on the ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ campaign for Lionsgate’s upcoming British comedy, Keith Lemon: The Film, creating a hilarious theatrical trailer delivering the ‘Moments’ message in a tone that is sure to capture the attention and win hearts of the Trust’s target audience.”

Liz Bales, Director General of Industry Trust, noted that with the film industry spanning many sectors, it was vital to have representation from every part of the film-making and distribution process to help tell a powerful story that continues to inspire and educate the public.

“This collaborative approach means our campaigns are working harder than ever before. ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ reached around two-thirds of its target audience in its first year and independent research by ICM suggests that those who have seen it are nearly twice as likely to pay for official film, TV and video than those who have not. Our members’ generous contributions of time expertise and resources also mean that we’re working smarter in challenging financial times. In the last year, the Trust has been able to deliver £14. worth of media value for every £1 it invests in campaign activity,” she revealed.


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