Advanced Television

3D on 3 screens from Mobi World

June 19, 2012

MobiWorld Media, a provider of technology solutions for mobile and OTT TV, has unveiled its “3×3” Universal Media Solution for 3D and regular 2D video delivery and playback across all screens and platforms. The solution integrates all necessary components for the launch of advanced multi-format TV service from scratch. It will be demonstrated for the first time at the CommunicAsia 2012 event.

“To establish the full multiscreen TV service network operators usually have to address different technology providers collecting the solution piece by piece. SPB TV offers its partners a completely unique ‘all-inclusive’ solution entirely developed in-house and containing everything needed for a successful TV service. We literally cover all video-enabled devices, regardless of their type, power and operating system,” said Kirill Philippov, CEO of MobiWorld Media. “As for our new exciting feature, 3D video support, we are particularly glad to present it in Asia, where innovative technologies are truly cherished and the audience is very demanding.”

SPB TV Solution empowers 3D and regular 2D video formats encoding and streaming in multiple quality options, from mobile to HD, to provide the brightest user experience on a small phone as well as on a big modern TV. Due to anaglyph and side-by-side technology support, 3D video can be delivered to both 3D-enabled and usual screens.

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