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Spain cuts DTT multiplexes

June 21, 2012

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish DTT map is to get smaller following the latest Government proposal to reduce by three the existing ten DTT multiplexes within the digital dividend plan to be completed before January 2014.

The Administration is now proposing private broadcasters -Tele 5, Antena 3, Cuatro, La Sexta, Net TV and Veo- to give up one of the six multiplexes they are operating at the present time, a 20 per cent reduction of their DTT capacity with four SD channels each multiplex and one HD channel.

Public TV networks, the state-owned group RTVE and Regional Channnels, would also have to drop one of their two multiplexes each one ending up with seven DTT multiplexes for all TV operators,

With this DTT reduction plan, networks would have to broadcast their channels using less space and HD channels would be located in a specific frequency as broadcasters would not be able to simultaneously broadcast their channels on SD and HD as they are now doing, obliging thus viewers to acquire adapters to watch HD channels.

This is the second Government plan to reshape the DTT map in Spain following broadcasters fierce opposition to the initial proposal to cut by half the DTT channels. Negotiations with broadcasters are ongoing and an agreement should be ready over the next weeks as the migration plan to new DTT frequencies will start in September.

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