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Bosnia and Herzegovina launching TEAM:SAT

June 27, 2012

Eutelsat Communications has announced that leading broadcasters from Bosnia and Herzegovina are strengthening their collaboration with the launch of a new platform called TEAM:SAT on the Eutelsat 16A satellite. Serving a growing audience, currently standing at over 11 million DTH homes, Eutelsat 16A is the leading position for satellite broadcasting in Central and Eastern Europe. The TEAM:SAT platform, comprising seven television channels and two radio stations, will be officially launched on September 1.

By joining forces in a single multiplex, TV Hayat, Radio Televizia BN, FACE and Al Jazeera Balkans are optimising their resources to reach into TV homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as expatriate communities across Europe. The channels will be multiplexed and uplinked to Eutelsat 16A by TEAM:MEDIA which is installing a teleport in Sarajevo.

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