Intelsat is No. 1 in satellite

The annual ‘Space News’ list of satellite operators has tended these past few years to be a simple repeat of the previous year’s rankings. In fact there’s usually more interest in the lower-ranked players where there’s more jockeying for position.

This year, as last, it is Intelsat that’s officially the world’s largest satellite operator with a fleet of 58 craft, another 6 on order, and annual revenues of $2.6 billion.  No. 2 to Intelsat, and very much chasing on its tail, is SES. With a fleet of 50 craft, 7 more on order, and revenues of $2.25 billion.

Number 3 is Paris-based Eutelsat, with a fleet of 28 satellites, 6 on order, and revenues of $1.55 billion. No. 4 is Canada’s Telesat, with 13 satellites, and just one on order and revenues of $792 million. Telesat’s income over the past year has fallen by about $30 million.

Japan’s SkyPerfect is at No. 5, with 15 craft in its fleet, and revenues of $745 million. The Australia-based Singapore Telecom Optus operator is at No. 6, with revenues of $322 million. Star One of Brazil is at No. 7 with revenues of $272 million. Saudi Arabia-based Arabsat follows at No. 8 with revenues of $262 million. Madrid’s Hispasat is at No. 9 and revenues of $243 million. Russia’s RSC is at No 10, with revenues of $229 million.

The next ten operators are:
11.     AsiaSat     –   $221 million
12.    Thaicom  –  $179 million
13.   China Satellite   – $178 million
14.    Telenor    –    $166 million
15.    India ISRO   – $160 million
16.    Nilesat    –    $145 million
17.    Satmex     –   $128 million
18.    Measat     –   $100 million
19.    APT    –    $97 million
20.    Asia Broadcast  –  $90 million

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