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TDF Restart DTT

July 3, 2012

TDF has introduced a free “Restart” facility available on all five channels of France Télévisions, the French public television service, available immediately.

“We are convinced that Restart will meet a real need felt by DTTV viewers. Backed by our staff’s development work we can now provide an end-to-end service for our channels from content uptake through to provision of the app for viewers with a DT connected TV”, says Franck Langrand, Director of the TV Division of TDF.

For the past two years TDF has worked with TV channels to establish a new European standard, called HbbTV. This standard makes their offer more attractive through the creation of interactive applications and services for connected TV sets.

TDF provides TV channels with a complete offer, via a platform that guarantees excellent service operation, from initial content uptake to provision to the viewer. Cognacq-Jay Image and SmartJog – units of TDF’s Media Services Division – and the TDF technical centre in Rennes operate the entire service.

TDF carries out the live uptake of content from France Télévisions, extracts the programmes to be offered in Restart, codes them in formats compatible with HbbTV 1.1 and HbbTV 1.5, archives them on its Content Delivery Network, signals the service through DTT, and delivers the programs on demand through the CDN.

Connected DTTV does not only involve Restart, it will shortly be offering other new services such as Video on Demand, Catch-up, event channels etc, all enriching the programs offered through DTTV.

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