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Cloud gaming on cable for South Korea

July 10, 2012

Korean cable operator, CJ Hellovision and cloud gaming company Playcast Media Systems have entered a deal to launch a cloud gaming service in Korea.

The service will allow cable-TV subscribers to play console-quality video games from the world’s major game publishers through their existing set-top boxes. The new service will offer an assortment of the industry’s leading game titles in a monthly subscription package. CJ Hellovision has 3.51 million subscribers and is a subsidiary of regional giant CJ Corp.

Young-gook Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at CJ Hellovision commented, “We are very proud to offer the Cloud Gaming service with such high quality games to our subscribers. With our strength across both cable and over the top services, and Koreans’ insatiable appetite for video games, we are looking forward to make a historical shift in the marketplace.”

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