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YouTube chooses French channels

July 10, 2012

YouTube has selected the French producers to create thematic channels on its video website starting in October. Google has been planning the free French TV channels for over a year, while also planning for unique content from the UK and Germany.

YouTube considers French-owned Dailymotion its primary competition in online video.

In France, Google has selected major producer Endemol, next-generation production house Troisiee Oeil, among others. The French channels will focus on family-friendly entertainment such as health, cuisine and culture, targeting a demographic friendly for advertisers.

Google will loan the partner producers between €500,000 and €1m to produce 20 hours of new content each year. Google plans for the loans to be paid-back in ad revenue. For the channels where revenue exceeds the loan, Google will share the revenue with the producer.

After an exclusive period on YouTube, Google will permit producers to commercialize their content freely outside of the video site.

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