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VDS delivers Streamliner to worldwide media company for TV Everywhere

July 12, 2012

VDS, a developer of broadcast automation software, content design and plug-in products, has announced that it has delivered Streamliner, to a worldwide media company for its TV Everywhere operations.

Streamliner, based on the VDS Promotor platform and introduced at NAB 2012, solves one of the biggest challenges for real-time streaming applications: Automating and synchronizing the triggers that control and replace media segments in real time, allowing only the proper and approved content to make its way to the Internet. In addition to substituting linear broadcast commercial spots with streaming ads, for example, Streamliner provides an automated way to manage content rights issues by substituting different program content when conditions apply.

As the linear channel is broadcast, Streamliner automatically generates SCTE104 commands according to pre-determined rules that are precisely timed to the program content.  With exact offsets from the start of program, start of commercial, end of program, or anywhere in between, Streamliner provides accurate and reconcilable content control using industry standard SCTE 104 messages synchronized to any event on the automation playlist. A dynamic interface to station automation and its ability to react to automation changes in real time means that Streamliner is always in sync with that playlist, even if automation playlist events are edited manually. Streamliner also knows what clips are playing and any metadata associated with those clips. All of this is accomplished with few or no changes to the existing automation playlists and without the need to insert lots of automation secondary events.

Streamliner’s  suite of modules allow for the application of rules and conditions to the generation of SCTE 104 messages to be interpreted by a stream encoder/ injector, resulting in the insertion of a variety of trigger messages (SCTE 35) including start and end points for splices.

Streamliner can generate standard SCTE 104 messages, or messages that contain specific user-created payloads. These custom payloads can provide broadcasters with very specific and proprietary actions for splice events

Streamliner’s rules-based engine provides for the application of deterministic information within the SCTE 104 messages, which in turn could instruct the downstream splicer to play alternate content from an ad server, for example.

“The field deployment of Streamliner for live streaming is really an industry first” said Larry Mincer, President of VDS. “Streamliner is unique in providing broadcasters with the ability to apply logic and rules to what and when stream splices are made and what content is retained or replaced in the stream.”

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