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ICASA sets digi-timetable

July 16, 2012

South Africa’s media regulator ICASA has set July 30th as the date for written submissions to be made on its latest proposed regulations covering digital terrestrial broadcasting.

ICASA says it will then fast-track the new rules and produce its final regulations by September. ICASA says there are two main changes to the regulations on which it would “particularly like” to hear the views of the public. It is proposing to use the second mobile digital terrestrial television multiplex as a third digital TV multiplex during the dual-illumination period and designed to accommodate new entrants to the broadcasting industry and to stimulate the uptake of digital services, fostering content and enhancing consumer choice.

Icasa explains this revision is in response to the amended broadcasting digital migration policy of 17 February 2012, in which communications minister Mrs Dina Pule directed it to best “explore how to introduce new services and licensees” while ensuring the digital migration process gives priority to incumbent broadcasters.

“The authority would also like to test using original television content to encourage viewers to acquire set-top boxes and to set minimum requirements for local television content on new digital TV channels during the dual-illumination period,” it says.

The full draft is available here on ICASA’s website.

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