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MIT creates ‘glasses free’ 3DTV

July 16, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Engineers at the MIT Labs have come up with another ‘glasses-free’ 3DTV system. Reported by 3D Focus, the MIT Labs research paper uses several layers of liquid crystal displays illuminated by a uniform backlight.

However, for a convincing effect, the panels need to refresh at a speed of 360 times per second. The current highest rate is 240 Hertz so 360 Hertz is quite possible. Each image shows a different perspective and the high speed display panels show a series of frames that the viewer’s eyes add together creating a single coherent image.

MIT have been working on the creation of natural 3D images through a multiple layer approach for a while. Increasing the layers increases the sharpness and contrast although that would also increase the size of the display. The quality is almost the same as still holograms and multiple viewers can look around the scene both vertically and horizontally.

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