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Access Zeebox research data

July 18, 2012

Zeebox, the social TV provider, has released all the results of its latest sample research in the UK and US.
The company says it has has published the survey data in order to generate feedback from other market participants. You can access the research here.

Among other findings: In the UK 28 per cent of users have Android phones, 13 per cent iPhones, 13 per cent Blackberry and 7 per cent Windows. 13 per cent had an iPad and 14 per cent a Kindle.

Fifty per cent of UK respondents use Facebook every day, with 13 per cent saying the same of Twitter, and 7 per cent for Google+.

While watching TV 46 per cent use email, 41 per cent use social networking sites, and 13 per cent use Twitter specifically. 25 per cent say they look up information on the TV show’s subject or topic, 21 per cent look up information on the cast or crew, and 14 per cent visit the show’s website. 7 per cent of respondents say they often use an app from the TV show that they’re watching.

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