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EC: Google must change Android

July 20, 2012

Google may have to make changes to its Android phones as part of a settlement brokered with Brussels over its alleged anti-competitive behaviour. Google has proposed making changes to the way it handles search to head off a lengthy court case and large fines.

Brussels acceptance of the proposal hinges on the changes being extended to Android, reports the FT. The Competition Commission in Brussels has been probing whether Google favours its own results and hinders rivals when it serves up the results of searches. It is also investigating which ads are served alongside results and whether Google is inhibiting marketers’ ability to buy adverts elsewhere.

Google’s agreement to include Android and ensure the changes it makes to web searches apply to its phones as well would mean that talks continued as, apparently, without this agreement the  EC was likely to decide to proceed with legal action as early as next week, said the paper.

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