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Indian MSOs complain of illegal distribution

July 24, 2012

By Chris Forrester

A meeting of cable operators in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, organised by the local TV Operators & Consumers’ Welfare Assoc, complained that there are many illegal cable re-distributors operating in the region. Additionally, it was alleged that some illegal cable operators had bribed officials.

The Association submitted a formal petition to government officials backing up their allegations.

“We have undergone sufficient harassment during the previous government where a few private parties operated the entire cable TV network and we were glad when government launched the cable TV network after a regime change. However, individuals like [three specific cable operators are named] and are involved in digital telecasting, which is not legal. There are only 30 private parties who got the permission for digital telecasting in the country from TRAI and none of them are from [here]. However, these three individuals have launched digital control rooms in[the local region]. They are harassing the government cable TV operators to join them by paying huge money. They are also involved in damaging government cable TV network,” said one operator at the meeting in a report quoted by The Times of India.

“There are 800 cable TV operators in the district and our livelihood is affected by these people. In spite of our repeated demands, the revenue officials are not acting upon that,” charged a speaker.

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