Advanced Television

Digital TV now covers all of Brazil

July 27, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Brazil’s Digital TV System Forum (SBTVD) has said that digital television signals now reach all of the country’s federal states.

This means that some 90 million Brazilians can get digital TV with suitable receivers or converter boxes. The use of additional local repeaters is increasingly extending the technical reach of the main transmitters so that the most populated states (such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) some 70 per cent of all municipalities can receive digital TV.

The rush to convert to digital TV is very much a race with an end-date in mind. The plan is to see digital TV signals reach 50 per cent of the nation’s municipalities by the time of the Football World Cup in 2014. The remaining coverage is scheduled to be completed by June 2016 when analogue TV is due to be switched off.

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