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Spain’s TV fragmentation reaches its peak

August 1, 2012

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Fragmentation in Spanish TV market is intensifying with the three largest TV channels – Tele 5, Antena 3 and La 1 – pulling in a combined audience share of only 36.5 per cent.

Tele 5 led the ratings in July with an average share of 13.3 per cent followed by Antena 3 with 12.5 per cent and La 1 with 10.7 per cent.

Spaniards watch TV mainly through DTT (81.3 per cent) followed by cable (14.6 per cent) and satellite (4.1 per cent).

TV fragmentation is intensifying at a time when the Government is trying to reshape the TV map with a new law that now allow Regional TV broadcasters to become private TV channels or close down their broadcasts; with a new reorganisation of DTT frequencies to be started in September; and with the Government’s decision to study the competition merger conditions imposed by CNC on Antena 3 and La Sexta in its next cabinet meeting which could result in the reactivation of the failed merger.

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