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PHXX and Red Stallion Interactive form strategic partnership for game platform technology

August 2, 2012

PHXX, a platform development company with expertise in new media and gaming, and Red Stallion Interactive (RSI), a publisher devoted to distributing interactive entertainment across the Middle East North Africa region, have announced their strategic alliance to develop and market the existing PHXX Reach Gaming Platform, enhancing the online interactive content portfolio for Middle Eastern users.

The alliance will provide a superior platform that integrates social gaming and payment features to The Arabian Gulf video game industry’s growing customer base. RSI plans to market the full-fledged gaming platform, which enables users to earn points, rewards and engage in micro transactions, throughout seventeen Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar. The arrangement was sourced and established by Digital Development Management, a US based game agency who is partnering with RSI to build a world class game publisher in the Region.

“We are excited to partner with PHXX to satiate the growing demand for localized media and entertainment opportunities,” said Faisal Alireza, Managing Director of RSI. “Using an existing and proven platform like the Reach Gaming Platform will expand online interactive content available to Middle Eastern users and create gaming entertainment services specialized for their culture rapidly.”

“We chose to partner with Red Stallion Interactive because of their strong ties to the region and shared vision to supply users with the best in interactive entertainment,” said PHXX President and CEO Shane Robinett. “The Reach Gaming Platform provides us with a complete solution that includes the integration of current gaming systems, social media features and in-game billing components that all work together to provide users with the high quality gaming experience they demand.”

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