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EMS launches piracy protection service

August 7, 2012

Experience Media Studios (EMS) has launched a new service to support the independent film and content publishing industry in the fight against digital piracy.

Experience Media Studios combats digital piracy with a proactive approach and anti-piracy platform that monitors, detects, and eliminates pirated content across the endless online distribution and promotional channels.

The anti-piracy service is specifically designed to help protect the creative content of independent filmmakers, distributors, producers, authors, publishers, musicians, and artists, who feel the impact of piracy substantially more than major media conglomerates. EMS uses the latest technologies and actively updates a database spanning the international spectrum of sites to monitor 24/7 for pirated intellectual property such as movies, music, eBooks, articles, photos, videos, and software. EMS’ Piracy Protection service works on behalf of these content creators to remove pirated digital content from the Internet and catalogue forensic evidence for legal action.

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