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No YouTube on iOS6

August 7, 2012

The app for YouTube is missing from the next version of Apple’s iOS6 operating system. Apple said the app had been removed because its licence to produce the program had expired.

The Apple-made version of the YouTube app has been a staple on the iPhone’s iOS since the device was first launched in 2007. Apple said Google was developing its own version of the app which should appear soon.

The fourth version of iOS6 was released by Apple this week. The final public version is expected to be ready in September prior to the launch of a new iPhone. Apple said users can still play video by visiting YouTube with a web browser. They can also still upload films to YouTube from a phone or tablet.

Financial terms of the licensing deal that let Apple create the YouTube app have not been disclosed. Apple would not say whether it would be replacing the YouTube app with another pre-installed video sharing service. It has already taken a similar step with Google maps, as iOS6 will use its own mapping app.

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