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Nielsen monitors online and offline behaviours

August 9, 2012

Nielsen has unveiled its latest innovation for cross-platform advertising. ‘Nielsen Online Audience Segments – TV Viewing’ links online and offline consumer behaviours by providing marketers the ability to connect with TV audiences online and more strategically align their TV and online ad campaigns.

‘Nielsen Online Audience Segments – TV Viewing’ serves the needs of those on both the buy- and sell-sides. Demonstrating the demand for this capability, Microsoft Corp., Adap.TV, Specific Media, Undertone, and Videology are early adopters of this solution and are using it to optimise advertising opportunities for their clients.

“This is a tremendous next step in connecting the dots between offline and online behaviour. The fact that we’re using the very same data that’s deployed within the traditional TV economy is a key differentiator which resonates with the industry. Being able to interact with consumers online who are, for example, heavy viewers of college sports or home design programming, or light television viewers who are difficult to reach through that medium, can prove invaluable to marketers as they’re planning their advertising campaigns,” said Jonathan Carson, General Manager of Digital for Nielsen. “We’re excited to have such great collaborators using this solution from the outset.”

Nielsen uses a unique, representative sample of both TV and online panelists, providing a privacy-protected source for robust segment models based on viewers, rather than households. By building segments based on types of TV viewership, including shows or channels most viewed, heavy or light viewers, genres and viewer attributes, Nielsen is able to model a group of consumers ideal for a specific campaign or message. As part of its Nielsen Online Audience Segments solution, Nielsen also offers the ability to reach consumers online based on lifestyle, demographics and consumer packaged goods (CPG) habits.

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