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SmarDTV’s SmarCAMs CI Plus v1.3 certification

August 10, 2012

SmarDTV, a Kudelski Group company, has announced that its latest generation of Conditional Access Modules, the SmarCAM-3.5, has successfully passed the CI Plus v1.3 certification. In addition, Digital TV Labs has made a custom development based on the SmarCAM for the official CI Plus Test Tool, which is used for the certification of CI Plus televisions and set top boxes.

“The successful development and certification of the CI Plus version 1.3 features is a major milestone in the history of our company. Building complex features such as operator profile and VoD into a CAM brings great benefits for operators and also leverages the powerful platform we have developed for our SmarCAM product line,” said Laurent Molac, Vice-President of Engineering at SmarDTV.

Through CI Plus v1.3, the latest Common Interface specification, the SmarCAMs will now offer new features including Operator Profile (the ability for an operator to enable specific channel listing according to privately defined mechanisms) and VoD directly to iDTV. These new features bring large benefits to operators and are expected to drive the further penetration of CI Plus modules in the satellite and cable markets in coming years.

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