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Portugal extends DTT subsidies until year end

August 15, 2012

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Portugal’s National Communications Authority (Anacom) has decided to extend by four months the reimbursement and subsidy programmes for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) decoders.

Initially, the initiative was intended to run until June 30th. However, Anacom first extended the deadline until August 31st and now introduced a new extension until December 2012, in order for the largest possible number of people to still benefit from the support programs.

The DTH installation programme is intended for all persons, regardless of their economic situation, and consists of the reimbursement of €47 on the purchase of the satellite TV kit.

The subsidy programme supports the purchase of DTT or DTH decoders at half price, with a limit of €22. The grant is available for pensioners whose monthly income amounts up to €500 and holders of a degree of disability equal to or greater than 60 per cent.

An additional allowance for the installation of digital TV equipment, worth €61, is intended for applicants aged 65 years and older who live in situations of social isolation.

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