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thePlatform next-gen video commerce system

August 28, 2012

thePlatform, the white-label video publishing company and independent subsidiary of Comcast, has unveiled its next-generation video commerce system built to address the need for increasingly sophisticated, transactional video business models. As content libraries grow, and windows of availability fluctuate, media and entertainment companies are seeking creative new approaches to monetise their premium video libraries complimenting pay walls, advertising, or authenticated subscriptions.

thePlatform’s mpx’s video commerce system provides a robust ecommerce engine to power next-generation digital video storefronts across computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It enables better merchandising of video by giving consumers new ways to purchase highly-customised video packages and promotions. The new video commerce system includes an automated workflow, applying pricing templates to videos as they are ingested and published.

“The premium video marketplace is maturing beyond traditional monetisation vehicles,” said Marty Roberts, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for thePlatform. “Companies are seeking a unified platform, like mpx, that brings together advertising, subscriptions, rentals, and purchases in one central place. Our new video commerce system will enable customers to differentiate and sell highly-customised video packages and promotions across screens.”

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