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Sigma HiDTV Pro-UXL for Smart TVs

September 3, 2012

Sigma Designs, a provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for home entertainment connectivity and control, has announced the release of its new HiDTV Pro-UXL (SoCs) designed for the next generation of Smart-TVs. With its integrated 1 GHz CPU, high performance 3D graphics engine and high quality video processing pipeline, the HiDTV Pro-UXL picture quality is designed to deliver an outstanding cinematic experience.

The HiDTV Pro-UXL includes a 1 GHz CPU with a dedicated L2 cache and 3D GPU performance for 50/60Hz Smart TVs. Worldwide, there has been a notable increase in 50/60Hz DTV consumers accessing the Internet using graphic rich applications. The increase in CPU and GPU performance applications in the HiDTV Pro-UXL allows for a significantly improved user experience and offers TV OEMs the ability to add future applications worry-free of performance concerns. Sigma Designs offers complete turnkey reference platforms for US, EU, China and LATAM with connected TV applications.

“As the Smart TV market continues to be motivated by new innovations such as connectivity and 3D graphics, the HiDTV Pro-UXL with 1 GHz CPU and 3D-GPU help deliver fast web page load times, snappy webpage rendering and a smooth user interaction experience,” said Alfred Chan, director of product marketing. “With our feature-rich platform of outstanding CPU, superior picture quality, 3D graphic performance and cinemascope viewing ability, we are confident that our HiDTV Pro-UXL SoC is a competitive solution for the Smart TV market.”

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