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Associated Press undertakes regional upgrades to HD transmission via SatLink

September 6, 2012

SatLink Communications, a teleport and HD Playout Centre delivering content to every corner of the world, has announced a long-term agreement with the Associated Press (AP), to support AP’s contribution and distribution requirements. SatLink will also support several ad-hoc feeds over satellite and fibre.

SatLink will be upgrading AP’s network in the Middle East to enable the transmission of high definition (HD) content, as well as providing transmission of AP’s global distribution to Asia via AsiaSat 5.

AP deliver a 24 hours news service all year round and needed a satellite communications partner that was able to support them in delivering fast, reliable news from the Middle East to its global customers. A key consideration in selecting SatLink was the level of service offered, combined with their location in Jerusalem, which offers a gateway to Asia over its robust Multi Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) digital satellite transmission platforms on AsiaSat 5.

SatLink will be providing uplink and turnaround capabilities for AP’s SD & HD multiplex signal through its fully automated and redundant teleport. Included in the deal is the upgrading of AP’s network to provide end-to-end HD teleport facilities.

SatLink will be replacing AP’s analogue links and upgrading fibre connectivity within the Middle East region and AP’s operations. A permanent fibre link has been established between the AP premises in London, the SatLink teleport and AP in Jerusalem, providing a powerful terrestrial contribution channel to carry traffic over both satellite and fibre. The entire network is fully backed up, with auto-sensing of the input SD/HD signal, giving AP the management autonomy to fully monitor and control their content.

In addition, SatLink’s Occasional Use services will enable the swift and cost effective delivery of bundled, end-to-end solutions including satellite capacity, fibre optic, turnaround, streaming and added value services.

Matt Durbin, AP deputy director of global master control rooms, said: “The Middle East region generates a great deal of news events of global interest, so it was important for AP to partner with a regional provider who can supply AP with a cost effective and flexible HD contribution network. SatLink are also able to provide transmission to Asia of our global video products. We are very pleased to be working with SatLink and forming a long-term relationship.”

David Hochner, SatLink CEO, added: “For many broadcasters reaching the audience in Asia has proved to be a challenge. SatLink’s proven ability to provide high-quality transmission of content as well as its strategic positioning, means SatLink is the main gateway to Asia for news, sports and entertainment. We are delighted to be working alongside AP as they upgrade their HD delivery into the Middle East and Asia and are confident that we have the most flexible, effective and reliable end-to-end transmission solution that can meet any broadcasters’ requirements in Asia and across the globe.”

SatLink will be exhibiting its capabilities including its newly acquired HD Playout Centre, Asia, Africa and Latin American outreach at the IBC conference in Amsterdam, 7th-11th September on Stand A.21 in Hall 5.

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