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Nokia fakes its own ad

September 6, 2012

Nokia has apologised after it was revealed that an advert featuring video footage which appeared to have been filmed with its new Lumina 920 Windows smartphone had been created using different equipment.

The Verge tech site revealed the issue after it noticed a window reflection revealed a cameraman holding what appeared to be an SLR camera. In a blog post the handset maker said it should have “posted a disclaimer”.

The advert showed a man filming his girlfriend using the new smartphone while both of them were riding bicycles. The footage cut from professionally-filmed material, featuring both actors, to what looked like it was the video captured by the man’s Nokia device. A split-screen sequence then showed what the smartphone’s footage would look like with Nokia’s optical image stabilisation (OIS) feature turned on and switched off.

Nokia’s blog acknowledged “An apology is due”.

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