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SMIT Corporation jointly introduces market’s first Integrated CI Plus Conditional Access Module with Conax AS

September 7, 2012

SMIT Corporation, a provider of devices that enable secure digital content delivery, has announced that the Company jointly introduced market’s first Integrated CI Plus Conditional Access Module (“Integrated CAM”), which bundles a pre-paired high security smart card chip with a proven designed CI Plus module with Conax AS (“Conax”), a leading global provider of solutions for protecting multi-device digital content.

“The introduction of the integrated CI+ Module represents another strategic deployment and innovative breakthrough in CAM products,” said Mr. Hongyu Shuai, President of SMIT. “We are excited to be chosen as Conax’ partner on such an important new product that can help proliferate digital pay TV subscription through simplicity and affordability. SMIT has been supplying millions of CAM products to Conax’ customers in the past seven years and looks forward to maintaining our close relationship.”

Integrated CAM’s new technology eliminates the need for additional pairing with smart card and is ready to use in existing CI or CI Plus iDTVs. This new CAM solution aims to simplify operators’ order process and expedite delivery time by pairing the smart card with CAM in the factory and delivers directly to subscribers. Integrated CAM ensures the same high-level security for content protection and brings consumer closer in accessing secure, featured content from operators.

Morten Solbakken, CEO, Conax, “Conax has teamed up with a strategic partner to deliver a world class solution – the industry’s first integrated CI+ Module. This new Conax partner solution will provide operators with significant benefits in terms of reduced logistics and savings on customer care, while maintaining the high level of security they have come to expect from

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